Carrie Richmond

My name is Carrie Richmond and I am a recent Nutrition graduate from Queen Margaret University (July 2018). I began volunteering for Fundamental Foods in May 2017 and quickly progressed to working seasonally. I worked within schools in Prestonpans teaching children about the importance of nutrition including the Eatwell plate, the association between nutrition and health outcomes and developing essential life skills such as knife skills and following recipes.

I now work part-time with Fundamental Foods continuing my work within the schools and in addition run a successful breakfast club in Prestonpans primary school which targets children who were arriving at school hungry leaving them lethargic and unable to concentrate in class. I also organise The Healthy Heroes. This is a group of children at Prestonpans primary school who aim to improve food choices beyond the school gate and try to influence businesses with Prestonpans to have healthy, nutritious food on offer in the local community.

I also facilitate and I am Lead Food worker at Fa'side Lunch club. This lunch club aims to tackle holiday hunger. The lunch club runs during school holidays and provides hot meals and activities for children to ensure children have access to nutritious food outside term time.     

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The Pennypit Community Development Trust (SC042187)