Jonathan Sharples

Me & My Role:


My Name is Jonathan Sharples, I am a qualified and licensed UKCC Level 2 Swimming Teacher and Coach. I began at the Trust providing swimming lessons for children who need them at our Lunch Clubs in Summer 2018. My work at the Trust has gone further with now assisting in cooking programmes including Pans Cooking at Preston Tower Primary School - Preston Road and organising and running cooking groups in Wallyford. I also help out at the Preston Lodge Breakfast Cafe every week to ensure the kids have a good meal to start the day. On top of the work I do with our food projects I also manage swimming at the Trust - more information on this can be seen on this website. 

During the holidays, I work at our lunch clubs doing Health & Safety management including our Cooksafe guidelines. I help in the planning of PSG lunch club alongside Lorna and Lorraine. 


Alongside all the work I do for food projects and swimming, I manage the website and social media platforms for the Trust. 

Number: Mobile - 07850468319

                   Office   - 01875 815 221

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