Natalie Moir

Family Support Worker

Me & My Role:


I am the Support from The Start Family worker for Preston, Seton and Gosford. I have been in post since January 2017.  I have worked in the Preston and Seton areas since 2014, first as a volunteer with the Pennypit Community Development Trust (PCDT) while completing my degree in Nutrition at Queen Margaret University and then I continued to work sessional hours while undergoing my MSc in Public Health at Glasgow Caledonian.

During my time at the PCDT I undertook various roles:

  • Youth worker

  • Outreach projects, working with families in their home

  • Running and facilitating parent groups (Cooking, positive lifestyle, weaning, healthy mind).

  • Delivering cooking and learning opportunities in the local Primary schools

  • Organised and ran PSG lunch club 2016-2017


Due to the variety of roles I had at PCDT this meant that I had already built positive relationships with parents and children within the community. I found that people connected with me easily and trusted me with their personal information. I would offer emotional support and signposting to various services, through this I found that I was passionate about helping people and this led me to me applying for the role of Family Worker.

My role as family worker involves me working in partnership with various schools in the area, Prestonpans Infant and Primary Schools, St Gabriels Primary and Cockenzie Primary. My role has developed over the last year as the need for support has increased.


As a family worker my role has many different strands:

  • I help to encourage and support parents to engage in their childrens learning at home and help boost children/parents/carers confidence to get involved with activities at school and in the local community.

  • I support parents 1:1 in their home offering advice, signposting and goal setting to help with long term change.

  • I run various group activities with a focus on learning such as

    • Cooking

    • Reading

    • Maths


I also help families identify, access and navigate appropriate services, housing, healthcare, benefits etc. I support families to get back on their feet following periods of emotional, mental/ physical crisis or financial distress.


I really enjoy being out in the community meeting new people, every day is different which keeps my job interesting. 

Number:  Mobile - 07391848510

                                  Office - 01875 815 221

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The Pennypit Community Development Trust (SC042187)