Early Years Nutrition


As an early years nutritionist my main aim is to promote and encourage healthy eating and increase awareness of good nutrition. The areas I target are Prestonpans, Tranent, Elphinstone, Musselburgh East, Whitecraig and Wallyford. I aim to improve optimal nutrition by delivering the following programmes:


·         ‘Food4Health’ parents cooking programme. This runs over a 6 week block and looks at increasing cooking from scratch on a budget. 4 blocks are run per year, and there are monthly follow up sessions

·         Monthly weaning sessions. These sessions help to improve knowledge on the recent weaning advice and give ideas of healthy options for infants

·         Deliver nutritional education programmes to early years, nurseries and primary schools that integrates into the curricular of excellence under health and well-being. In these sessions every child has the experience of preparing food whether it is to help cook a meal from scratch or preparing healthy snacks. This encourages children to taste new foods and learn about healthy choices

·         Family cooking programmes. These encourage children to work together with their grown up to cook a meal from scratch which increases family engagement. It also provides the children with valuable life skills and increases their interest in food

·         Provide one to one home visits to help families who find it difficult to come along to group sessions.

·         Supporting vulnerable groups, individuals and families to access health eating through partnership working.

·         Working in partnership with health professionals to help put the nutritional guidance into practice by supporting health eating and encouraging a balanced nutritious diet

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