Mathletics is an online fun resource, there are learning activities linked to all areas of maths, learning is individual and at the child’s own pace more information can be found at:
The management team at Cockenzie Primary School were concerned that there were children who had never logged into mathletics at home, what were the barriers? What can we do?  We set up a mathletics group inviting children and parents to come along for a 4-week trial in March after school a quick snack and log on to mathletics and a chance to ask questions.
The first session covered logging on at home the parents said that they sometimes don’t have internet and that they cannot log on to Mathletics on an iPad or tablet and only some have access to laptops or other computers, some said they did not know how to log on.  
The sessions during the pilot period went well with 4 families attending before the Easter break with another 2 families joining after. The mathletics club has been successful in getting children to log on and complete the tasks assigned, it has also been an opportunity for parents to seek advice on other matters with the family worker.   
Quotes from parents: 

“xxxx really enjoys it especially the challenges you set him every week” 

“Thank you for the advice”

“the boys LOVE mathletics”

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The Pennypit Community Development Trust (SC042187)