Increasing Sports Participation in East Lothian

Our Sports Volunteer Project works in partnership with East Lothian Community Sports Hubs to help local sports clubs and local community sports events.

The aim of the project is to increase the number of volunteers in sport and physical activity within the local community. The project is funded by the Robertson Trust and Big Lottery.

Our local sports clubs offer many different non-sporting roles and have helped local people in making a positive step towards employment or education. These roles have included; catering, ground maintenance, social media, marketing, graphic design and event management.

We have created strong links with local high schools, Queen Margaret University and Job Centre Plus within Musselburgh to facilitate this.


We provide training to support current and new volunteers. Training provided has included; first aid, food hygiene, child protection and coach education.

Our young volunteers are presented with a Saltire Award for their contribution. One of our volunteers has recently been awarded theirs for 500 hours of volunteering.

The following is a quote from a volunteer of ours:

"After being unemployed I found volunteering really positive and it has helped me to regain confidence and learn new skills. I can't thank the Pennypit enough for giving me an opportunity to develop a new career path and I hope to continue volunteering." - Stephen


Over 100 Volunteers Recruited... Over 80 trained.... Over 60 Saltire Awards


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The Prestonpans Project

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The Pennypit Community Development Trust (SC042187)